AXE Hacking Method

So, you want to be a hacker.
This hacking method didn’t need any specialities at all. It’s easy to learn and easy to practice. It’s called “The Axe Method”.

– PC
– Internet connection
– IRC client
– Snack and Drinks
– Axe

This method only works for target that use an IRC client. I’m not recommended for target using other client than that.

Okay, i’m sure you’re ready to begin.
Here it is .. at first you must getting know the target. You know his ID, try to chat with him, getting know his daily schedules, try to get his home address also. If he is living near you, then you’re lucky. If not … well you’ll have to plan how to get to his home someday.

Okay, let’s continue …
Try to be his best friend on IRC. Dig up information about when he and his family goes on vacation. When that time comes, turn on your IRC client to make sure he isn’t online. When you are sure, then go to his home right away, but don’t turn off your IRC client, just put some message that you have to do something BIG, hacking someone. Don’t forget to bring some equipments that i’ve said before.

After arriving at his house go to his backyard, and try to enter his house. Hopefully no one is in the house, if there is someone then play dead or something. Okay, now go to his PC, turn it on and use his IRC client. Join a channel that he and you usually hang with. Chat with some friends to make sure that others know that he is online.
After that, we will begin the axe method.

Use your axe to hack his computer, hack his monitor, hack his cpu, hack his keyboard, hack his harddisk, his modem, hack em all. Don’t miss a thing that can make the pc online again. Make sure they all completely dead cos you don’t want to go back to his house again right?

Okay, after that go home right away. As fast as you can. Then go to your room and use your IRC client again. Make sure that his nickname isn’t online on IRC. If he still online, you’ll have to go back and finish the job.

After you’re sure he is not online then you can brag to your friends that you’re hacking his computer so he is quit unexpected and can’t online again. Ofcourse don’t say to them that you are using the axe method, brag it that you’re using some ICMP flooding, DoS Attack, Nuke or something. Make sure that they believing you and you’ll be famous.

Okay that’s all about hacking with the Axe Method .. hope that will inspire you … cheers


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